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If you have a home or office that lacks space but you still need a garage door then we can recommend overhead doors, also known as sectional garage doors. These simplistic doors are very handy and do not demand too much space as they can roll all the way up to the ceiling. However, despite their simple design, they still require an expert for its installation and maintenance.

State Garage Door Repair Service has been installing sectional garage doors for the last ten years and has now become a reputed name for our business and residential customers in St Paul, MN. We offer wide range of designs and styles that our customers can choose from, depending upon their budget and needs. These doors can easily be installed in a small space and can work well even when there is not much clearing space available.

State Garage Door Repair Service St Paul, MN 651-412-5075Since State Garage Door Repair Service only offers quality solutions, we recommend that sectional doors must always have the weather proofing so that they can withstand the vagaries of changing weather and should also be as soundless as possible. A nice looking garage door is also a great addition to your front yard, improving its visual appeal and giving you an added layer of security as well!

We can easily help you with designing, installation and maintenance of these garage doors. If you want your doors to last a long time, we urge you to enlist for our contractual maintenance service. Our experts will schedule periodic checks to ensure all is fine and working in your sectional garage doors.